• Due to distancing concerns, we are no longer accepting registrations for Preschool. Thank you for understanding.

Our new online Seabrook Elementary and Middle School registration is now available for the 2020-21 school year.


Please note, you will need to upload copies of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate

  • Immunization and medical physical records

  • Proof of residency (must have one in each of the three areas)

    • 1) Current NH driver's license with current Seabrook address

    • 2) A signed purchase & sales agreement of home/current mortgage statement or a signed lease agreement for rental property for the Seabrook address

    • 3) A current electric, gas, landline phone, cable/internet bill with the current Seabrook address

  • It is also helpful for us to have a copy of any custody/court paperwork that we may need to be aware of

If you need assistance with the registration process, please feel free to contact the schools. 

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SAU 21 makes the safety of all students and staff in our schools a top priority. Click the "I'm in crisis/I know someone in crisis" link to find a list of emergency numbers and other crisis resources for immediate and longer-term support.

In our continuing efforts to improve the safety at all SAU 21 schools, we are introducing a new service. Starting on April 17, 2020, SAU 21 will be offering a Quick Tip digital hot line which is an anonymous reporting system. This “See Something, Say Something” tip line allows anyone to communicate concerns about unsafe behavior within the SAU 21 community. 

Simply click "I need to report something" providing your contact information is optional, otherwise you will remain anonymous. 

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